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Vietnam War 1967 US Marines Preparing to Evacuate
... Vietnam War 1967 - US Marines Preparing to Evacuate | by manhhai
... VIETNAM WAR 1967 - Wounded US Marines Prepare to Evacuate | by manhhai
... VIETNAM WAR 1967 - Wounded US Marines Evacuating Battle | by manhhai
U.S. Marines in Operation Allen Brook (Vietnam War) 001
A tank full of injured U.S. Marines makes its way to a helicopter evacuation area on Feb. 17, 1968.
Hovering U.S. Army helicopters pour machine gun fire into a tree line to cover the advance
7 RAR Vietnam (AWM EKN-67-0130-VN).jpg
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Naval ...
Stock Photo - Vietnam War. While under heavy fire, US Marines are carry a wounded Marine to the evacuation helicopter near the Demilitarized Zone DMZ ...
... 1967 Wire Photo WAR Vietnam U.S. Marine Helicopter Battle Grenade Smoke | by manhhai
Marines from the 7th Marines carry a wounded Marine to a helo for evacuation. Operation Pecos, a US Marine search and destroy mission commenced July 20, ...
168 Best VIETNAM MEDICS images | Military history, Vietnam war photos, South vietnam
US Marines landing in Da Nang in 1965
... Vietnam War 1967 - Evacuating In Ben Suc during Operation Cedar Falls | by manhhai
Marines carry a wounded comrade toward a helicopter evacuation point at Hill 881-North on
(National Archives Photo)
U.S. soldiers of the 3rd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, look on a mass grave of enemy combatants after a day-long battle against the Viet Cong 272nd ...
U.S. Marines pinned down in a firefight, May 20, 1967, Gio Linh, Quang Tri Province. ~ Vietnam War
October 27, 1967 - Marines medevac wounded during Operation Granite in Quang Tri, Vietnam.
US Marines wait to board helicopters that will carry them from this aircraft carrier to Saigon to provide security for the evacuations, 1975.
Vietnam War
As U.S.
American Marines aid a wounded comrade during intense battle for Hill 484 as part of Operation Prairie being conducted near the DMZ during the Vietnam War ...
Vietnam War
American soldiers evacuate South Vietnamese civilians from a burning village in 1965.
1960s photojournalists showed the world some of the most dramatic moments of the Vietnam War through
November 1967 American Battalion, Airborne Brigade soldiers loading wounded onto an Huey helicopter being evacuated from Hill 875 15 miles southwest of Dak ...
A haunting photo of a U.S. Marine in Con Thien .... Vietnam War | Vietnam War | Pinterest | Vietnam War, Vietnam and Vietnam war photos
Vietnam War #vietnamwar #vietnam #war #green #beret
Marines at Con Thien, Time Magazine, Oct. 6, 1967
Wounded US Marines are evacuated by tanks at Battle of Hue. Vietnam War More
The Fall of Saigon: 40 years later -- By Matt Gannon, CNN
Marines '66 1967 United States Marine Corps; Vietnam War
05 Jul 1967. Con Thien, South Vietnam. "A Marine chaplin says the Last Rites for a dying soldier south of the Demiliarized Zone near here .
Helicopter-transported U.S. Marines running, arriving at Tan Son Nhut air base to secure
A medic from the 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division searches the sky for a helicopter to evacuate a wounded buddy in June 1967.
The Officer Basic Course Graduation Picture 1st Platoon, K Company, Class 5-67
A female demonstrator offers a flower to military police on guard at the Pentagon during an anti-Vietnam demonstration on Oct. 21, 1967.
Soldiers of the 1st Cavalry Division moving towards Khe Sanh Combat Base during Operation Pegasus
25 Sep 1967, Con Thien, South Vietnam --Marines rush wounded to helicopter for evacuation.
Tim Page photographed a U.S. helicopter taking off from a clearing near Du Co SF camp
Dak To 1967 - Wounded soldiers on Hill 875 awaiting evacuation. Vietnam War ...
Oliver Noonan, a former photographer with the Boston Globe, captured this image of American. Photos: Iconic photos of the Vietnam War
Operation Buffalo 1967 | Marine is helped to an evacuation point by two buddies after he
In the field: Wounded U.S. Marine Corps adviser Maj. William Leftwich Jr. shelters during a fire fight in Vietnam's Binh Dinh province in 1965.
In Danang, Where U.S. Troops First Landed, Memories Of War Have Faded
huet1.jpg (75611 bytes) The Vietnam War ...
"A Day in Vietnam" 1967 US Navy; Narrated by Jack Webb; US Marines & Navy in Vietnam War
27 May 1967, Da Nang, South Vietnam --- With arms raised, a Marine signals a medical evacuation helicopter to take off from wooded area during Operation ...
Freelance woman war correspondent Jurate Kazickas, from New Rochelle, N.Y., comforts a wounded U.S. Marine after he was hit near the South Vietnamese ...
September, 1967: U.S. Marines from 3rd Battalion, 5th Regiment, 1st Marine Division, Operation Swift ~ Vietnam War
Fall of Saigon
1968 US soldiers of Company A, 12th Cavalry Regiment, Quang Tri, Vietnam
70 Dramatic and Haunting Photographs Capture Everyday Life of U.S Soldiers During the Long and Divisive
War Zone 'C' – Ambush of the 173rd Airborne, 1965. Tim Page
Marine photographer Sgt. David Weimer prepares to go into the field with Co. ' Vietnam VetsVietnam War ...
22 Jan 1968, Khe Sanh, South Vietnam --- Civilians Evacuated from Khe
Vietnam War Battles | ... battle in Phuoc Vinh, north-northeast of Saigon on June 15, 1967
03 May 1967, South Vietnam --- Marines carry an injured soldier as they
Waiting to Lift Off by James Pollock, Vietnam Combat Artists Program, CAT IV, 1967. Courtesy of National Museum of the U.S. Army. Casualty evacuation ...
Neal Ulevich / AP
Operation Buffalo 1967 | Details about Con Thien Base Camp Vietnam War USMC Marine Corps DVD
Vietnam War
Marines transport their seriously wounded atop a US Army tank through the streets of Hue toward
Operation Buffalo 1967 | Details about Con Thien Base Camp Vietnam War USMC Marine Corps DVD
21 Nov Dak To, South Vietnam --- To, South Vietnam- A wounded soldier of the Airborne Brigade sits on a log near a wooded area as he and his brigade await ...
A South Vietnamese Marine, severely wounded in a Viet Cong ambush, is comforted by
Operation Charlie the evacuation and destruction of Khe Sanh Combat Base[edit]
Bodies of US paratroopers lie near a command post during the battle of An Ninh,
Bombing in Vietnam.jpg
In this 1965 Henri Huet photograph, Chaplain John McNamara administers last rites to photographer Dickey. Photos: Iconic photos of the Vietnam War
40 years today - A Vietnam War Timeline - Page 58 - Armchair General and HistoryNet >> The Best Forums in History
... huet2.jpg (139290 bytes)
For his dramatic photographs of the Vietnam War, United Press International staff photographer David Hume
Life magazine photographer Larry Burrows (far left) struggles through elephant grass and the rotor
Vietnam War[edit]
Australian soldiers shortly after arriving at Tan Son Nhut Airport
In pics: A celebration of the work of Vietnam War journalists and photographers Malcolm Browne, Roy Essoyan, Horst Fass and George Esper, who all died this ...