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Im not really that into the fandom anymore but its
I'm not really that into the fandom anymore, but it's something every person needs to experience before they die. #warriorcats
I'm not even gonna question this fandom anymore like guys I love you but come
I'm not really into the fandom anymore but I still think that they are real
i'm not really in the homestuck fandom anymore but i do agree that this precious bean has to be protected | Homestuck | Pinterest | Homestuck, ...
I'm not really a DC fan, but this is a really good post
Guys what has happened to our fandom? Why can't
This really really reminds me of WTNV--> if this is not WTNV, I'm really lost in the fandom
This is what I mean when I say goodnight night I'm not going to go to sleep for another 2 hours I just don't want to talk to you anymore
"How did the Supernatural fandom get here so quickly?" "We have teleporting angels, remember?" "Not anymore..." I'm dying.
Now, EXO gets official fandom name, and it won't be exotic anymore... I don't want it to change... Wendy is not as cool as EXOTIC. Or ExoKiss or Exorcist.
I am in the last 3 fandoms. I'm a Slytherin daughter of Athena who carries salt everywhere.
not so funny anymore now that season three is out, but still.
I don't ship Johnlock anymore because of Mary, but this is a great point.
*laughs uncontrollably*
And the thing is. On other social media accounts, s/he acts like an army to fool other fandom's thinking that army's are doing all the hate. It's not ...
The is literally the thing I do every single night before I go to sleep. --> I'm not sure I can fall asleep without doing that anymore.
To be honest with you guys, kpop is not the same anymore, though i think some of you can see it since some are older fans than the others, kpop has really ...
Um. I. I think I'm just going to put this over here. Until I figure out what to do with it. <-- I'm not crying. Really. *sniffles*
The SPN fandom - Missing Lucifer LOL and Metatron is a jerk and not nearly as likable as Lucifer. | SPN / SUPERWHOLOCK | Pinterest | Supernatural, ...
Fandoms require a great deal of devotion and energy. There may come a point where you just aren't into one anymore. I had a family member ask about what ...
... fandom that's why Jared is never on SM anymore because they harass his wife and friends Jared: *tweets a picture with two girls who lost their father* ...
Man, it's been so long since I drew anything Undertale- I'm not really in the fandom anymore, but I still love the game, so I decided to draw the main ...
But I'm not here to bash the fandom that I'm in, and even I used to start those arguments saying Ereri is canon (I don't anymore though).
I'm not really religious but this a great argument for all those religious bigots who think women should be covered entirely
When I first joined this community about a year ago, I was bright eyed and bushy tailed. I loved the musical so much, and had very recently watched the ...
They tell you to not cry anymore, but you do. They manipulate you and deceive you. They tell the truth but hey leave some stuff out.
Im not crying, you're crying. Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers
Image: Dreamworks / Netflix, used with permission. Many parents and their ...
I'll still keep this Amino but I'm not much into the fandom anymore...so...just take this I guess?
I'm not really into fanworks anymore, aside from fanart, but I like
Speed Force
I used to hate Muffet because she annoyed me, but not anymore... NOW I'M CRYING
Literally so true. It's a real struggle. I have no space on my bedside table anymore.
Soo I havent posted anything recently its because Im kinda not into the fandom anymore...maybe just maybe I'll leave but dont worry I will still post
Ice Poseidon
k i'm not really in the ut fandom anymore but i got a rlly
Uncoordinated werewolf ego poops on your carpet
DEAMUS FOR THE WIN | Harry Potter | Pinterest | Harry potter, Hogwarts and Fandoms
Nicki MinajBET Awards, Show, Los Angeles, USA - 24 Jun 2018
No but we are waiting for Trials of Apollo and Magnus Chase < < < yup The Burning Maze comes out on my birthday whoop whoop
10/10 all me bro | Fauns wish they were saytrs ;P in 2018 | Pinterest | Percy jackson, Jackson and Percy jackson fandom
Yes I'm a undertale fan. I'm not really in the fandom anymore though because of the immature behavior of some people . But I still enjoy to draw the ...
210 best The Fandom I Keep Falling Into images on Pinterest | Warrior cats, Warrior cats books and Warrior cats series
How Technology Has Transformed, And Complicated, Music Fandom: Interview With Nancy Baym
Image from Tumblr user manggaetteokkie.
Numbers Station
Ted and Robin
It's also important to remember the comics are only one facet of the fandom. In the MCU he's still canonically good
Supernatural Sad, Castiel, Its Okay, Superwholock, Winchester, Crying, Sherlock,
Kimchi Cuddles Comic 484 - Relationship Consent
🌮 yaluigi @ 4 days @ LATVIA on Twitter: "I'm sorry since I'm not really in the fandom anymore I can't bring myself to care enough to update this with new ...
No laughing matter: Police were called in after the cartoon's fans began harassing McDonalds employees
I love how to fandom chooses to love Moriarty it's just perfection!!
Why didn't Sirius and Remus get married Sirius wouldn't be "black" anymore he'd be "Lupin" and black was the one who was wanted not Sirius lupin < <
... trash so Im not that much into the fandom anymore but, I'll of course make some art time to time. I don't really hate or dislike any of the character's.
Tyler Posey hosted the 2016 MTV Fandom Awards, where he doled out the “Ship of the Year” prize. This was ironic in several ways too boring to discuss in ...
hahaha aww poor katie...but not really. brolin so cute!
I'm going to start pinning more ridiculous stuff, because I think I'
Brandon Rogers
Nick Fury is prepared even for Girl Scouts. People gotta have their Thin Mints!
Mine by *NaSyu on deviantART
haha this is so me . or yelling at the actors to get iron, salt, or holy water, I'm not allowed to watch horror movies with the family anymore
Getty Images/Ringer illustration. Share Tweet Share. Share Lone Stars: Skip Bayless Is at Peace With His Cowboys Fandom—and So ...
..if anyone wonder what Thor is saying: "Eg orkar ikke dette bråket lenger", = "I cannot bear this noise anymore".
It's like joining a fandom, me: "I have a life" *show/Fandom rips your heart out* fandom/show: "not any more!"
Leaving Fandom: Why I Gave Up Sports, Why You Should Consider It, and How to Start
What the-? You know what, I'm not even going to question this fandom anymore
If you're multi fandom, you're a part of multiple fandoms, which is a blessing and a curse ㅋ it's hard to dedicate yourself to just one group, ...
The failed Slender Man movie was a nail in the coffin of a dying fandom
I joined the fandom in late November of 2017. I was unaware of how toxic this fandom was before the events happened that I am going to be talking about in ...
sad percy jackson headcanons | did not see that coming read more show less
I was okay and now I'm not anymore
I'm not a teenager anymore, but this is SO true.
Edd I'm not interested in eddsworld anymore, it will always have a place
Ironically, the last time I said this to someone, it was because. Not Friends AnymoreNerd ...
I'm a Dad, I qualify. I know you're a Steelers fan. Sorry for your loss! If it makes you feel better, I have a new desk buddy!pic.twitter.com/mY1RfxCCFk
im not new to tumble anymore, but i still need help
Once again, this is not just a Voltron-specific problem. At a fan event last year, an artist drawing fan art for the game Undertale was gifted cookies by ...
while I'm not really in the SU fandom anymore, I always sorta thought that white diamond went into exile, blaming herself for pink diamonds death. maybe she ...
I am not even joking. I am crying🍪 Dean why you gotta be so sad
Guys I'm thinking of deleting lots of my boards . Mostly because im not really into that stuff anymore and its sort of in the way. I will still pin…
I can totally see Chris Hemsworth saying that with that cocky grin on his face and
Unwanted Free Ugly Troll - coldhope < < UFUT is the best fic in the whole goddamn world and I'm not even all that into Homestuck anymore.
I'm not really into the fandom anymore and I haven't been drawing fnaf anymore. I am truly sorry. I've just been getting in other fandoms and kicking some ...
Chart: Fandom Platform Use Over Time by Casey Fiesler.
1423 best Geek fandom images on Pinterest in 2018 | Throne of glass series, Book fandoms and Funny stuff
Computers with arrows pointing to change.
5:52 AM - 27 Mar 2018
I'm not really in the fandom anymore but
I don't watch supernatural, but this song is really funny anyway! :) Frozen-supernatural mashup let it go / let it grow < < as someone who watches, ...
A friend is taking care of that for me so I can take some distance with it, so I'm okay. I'm not really eager to ...